Research Training Group VIPER: young virus researchers

In order to better prevent or combat viral diseases, they must be viewed and researched from different angles. This applies in particular to so-called zoonoses, i.e. diseases that are transmissible between humans and animals. In order to provide young scientists with the necessary knowledge, the TiHo has established a new research training group funded by the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG). It is entitled „VIPER: Virus Detection, Pathogenesis and Intervention“. Within VIPER 28 doctoral students work on different aspects of viral diseases and will finish with conferment of their PhD titles. In theoretical and practical courses and en block schools specially tailored to virus research, they learn, among other things, where different viruses occur, how they interact with human and animal cells and how they can be detected and controlled. VIPER’s goal is to train a new generation of virus researchers who are equipped with the knowledge and scientific methods necessary to get to the bottom of new and recurring viral infections

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