Cameraman from Hanover for corporate films, advertising and documentaries

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As a cameraman I live and work in Hanover. As a cinematographer I focus on fictional and documentary formats.

A great passion for observation, an insatiable curiosity for stories and the will to not just show things motivate me with every new project.

In more than 12 years of working with the camera, I have had the opportunity to gain filming experience in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and the USA. I have extensive hands-on experience with all common camera formats in the field of digital cinema and I am constantly expanding and improving my technical knowledge.

Inviting chance into the picture – with a gift for improvisation, patience and an eye for detail, the unexpected becomes the perfect shot. Seeing natural light while creatively using light and shadow is a challenge I meet with passion and experience.

Making films is teamwork! In the same way that technology should always support the story, a well attuned team is behind every successful project. Over the years I have established a functioning infrastructure and a strong team for diverse video projects together with the film production business Zypix GmbH.

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Malte Ebers

> repertoire:
documentation • reportage • corporate & advertising film • industrial film
> experience with:
PXW-FX9/FS7 • SONY F65/F55 • RED Epic MX • PDW-700 • C100/300
> other qualifications:
drone operator • gimbal operator
> training:
FA Design • mediadesigner • cameraassistant • cameraman
> international filming experience:
USA • Brasilien • China • Malaysia • Thailand • Japan • UK • Norwegen • Portugal